Configuration Reference

This page contains the list of all available Airflow configurations for the apache-airflow-providers-imap provider that can be set in the airflow.cfg file or using environment variables.


The configuration embedded in provider packages started to be used as of Airflow 2.7.0. Previously the configuration was described and configured in the Airflow core package - so if you are using Airflow below 2.7.0, look at Airflow documentation for the list of available configuration options that were available in Airflow core.


For more information see Setting Configuration Options.



Options for IMAP provider.


New in version 3.3.0.

ssl context to use when using SMTP and IMAP SSL connections. By default, the context is “default” which sets it to ssl.create_default_context() which provides the right balance between compatibility and security, it however requires that certificates in your operating system are updated and that SMTP/IMAP servers of yours have valid certificates that have corresponding public keys installed on your machines. You can switch it to “none” if you want to disable checking of the certificates, but it is not recommended as it allows MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks if your infrastructure is not sufficiently secured. It should only be set temporarily while you are fixing your certificate configuration. This can be typically done by upgrading to newer version of the operating system you run Airflow components on,by upgrading/refreshing proper certificates in the OS or by updating certificates for your mail servers. If you do not set this option explicitly, it will use Airflow “email.ssl_context” configuration, but if this configuration is not present, it will use “default” value.





Environment Variable




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