Neo4j Connection

The Neo4j connection type provides connection to a Neo4j database using the Neo4j Python client.

Configuring the Connection

Host (required)

The host to connect to.

Schema (optional)

Specify the schema name to be used in the database.

Login (required)

Specify the user name to connect.

Password (required)

Specify the password to connect.

Extra (optional)

Specify the extra parameters (as json dictionary) that can be used in Neo4j connection.

The following extras are supported:
  • encrypted: Sets encrypted=True/False for GraphDatabase.driver, Set to True for Neo4j Aura.

  • neo4j_scheme: Specifies the scheme to neo4j://, default is bolt://

  • certs_self_signed: Sets the URI scheme to support self-signed certificates(neo4j+ssc://)

  • certs_trusted_ca: Sets the URI scheme to support only trusted CA(neo4j+s://)

Example “extras” field:

   "encrypted": true,
   "neo4j_scheme": true,
   "certs_self_signed": true,
   "certs_trusted_ca": false

When specifying the connection in environment variable you should specify it using URI syntax.

Note that all components of the URI should be URL-encoded.

For example:

export AIRFLOW_CONN_NEO4J_DEFAULT='neo4j://username:password@https%3A%2F%2Fneo4jhost/neo4j-schema?encrypted=true&neo4j_scheme=true&certs_self_signed=true&certs_trusted_ca=false'

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