Redis Connection

The Redis connection type enables connection to Redis cluster.

Default Connection IDs

Redis Hook uses parameter redis_conn_id for Connection IDs and the value of the parameter as redis_default by default.

Configuring the Connection


The host of the Redis cluster.


Specify the port to use for connecting the Redis cluster (Default is 6379).


The user that will be used for authentication against the Redis cluster (only applicable in Redis 6.0 and above).


The password of the user that will be used for authentication against the Redis cluster.


The DB number to use in the Redis cluster (Default is 0).

Enable SSL

Whether to enable SSL connection to the Redis cluster (Default is False).

SSL verify mode

Whether to try to verify other peers’ certificates and how to behave if verification fails. For more information, see: Python SSL docs. Allowed values are: required, optional, none.

CA certificate path

The path to a file of concatenated CA certificates in PEM format (Default is None).

Private key path

Path to an ssl private key (Default is None).

Certificate path

Path to an ssl certificate (Default is None).

Enable hostname check

If set, match the hostname during the SSL handshake (Default is False).

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