AWS Deferrable Operators

The AWS deferrable operators depends on aiobotocore>=2.1.1 library. Unfortunately, currently we can’t add this to core AWS provider dependencies because of a conflicting version of botocore between aiobotocore and boto3. We have added aiobotocore as an addition dependency. So if you want to use AWS deferrable operator then you will have to manage this by yourself.

We have introduced an async hook to manage authentication between to the AWS services asynchronously. The AWS async hook currently support the default botocore authentication mechanism i.e if Airflow connection is not provided then provider will try to find the credential param in environment variable. If the Airflow connection is provided then basic auth with secret-key/access-key-id/profile/token and arn-method should work.

To use deferrable operator we have exposed deferrable param in those operators which support deferrable execution. By default deferrable is set to False set this to True to run operator in asynchronous mode.

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